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Self Defense Class

$95Purchase required to enroll

Do you feel safe?

If someone grabbed you from behind, could you defend yourself?

Better yet… could your daughter defend herself?

This three-hour basic self-defense class will teach you situational awareness – so criminals don’t chose you as their prey.

Learn the confidence to escape attacks from five different angles with easy physical techniques that anyone can perform. The best self-defense comes from 360-degree awareness, assertive body language, visualization, and a warrior mindset.

Criminals seek soft targets. Learn to be a hard target.

This class is taught at Second Wind CrossFit by Double Eagle Fitness coaches Samantha Lief and Beqir Gjoka. Samantha and Beqir have extensive backgrounds in army special forces and intelligence.

Come away feeling empowered and confident. Know that you or your child will have the skills to feel in control, project strength, and know how to fight back if she needs to.